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Résumé and Curricula Vitae

There are multiple documents located in this area, so please take a moment to review the documents which will help you most. There are two résumés available from this page, My Professional résumé and my Curricula Vitae.

Professional Résumé

My Professional résumé serves as an introduction of myself and and my recent work. To view my professional résumé or references, please click on the professional résumé link above.

Curricula Vitae

My Curricula Vitae serves as an annotated overview of my educational and professional life. To view my Vitae and references, please click on the Curricula Vitae link above.

If you have any questions or need to contact me, please do not hesitate to visit the contact page for more information.


document icon Professional Resume: shorrockpro.pdf >
document icon Curricula Vitae: shorrockcv.pdf >
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