Working (Revision II)
    • Produced by: Caldwell Theatre Company
    • Staged at: Count De Hornely Theatre
    • Dates: February 2012- April 2012
    • Written by: Stephen Schwartz and Nina Faso
    • Directed by: Clive Cholerton

Based on the original interviews of Studs Turkle the original script of Working has been updated and modified to reflect modern workers with new music from Stephen Schawarz, James Taylor, and others.

Production Notes

This production of working provided a challenge because of the sort rehearsal period (About one week) and a need to design the show on a minimal budget. Careful planning and work enabled me to bring the production in on a $500.00 budget, while providing a rich on stage appearance.



Sample Supporting documents:


document icon Costume Change Plots: workingplot.pdf>