The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity
    • Produced by: Caldwell Theatre Company
    • Staged at: Countess de Hoernel Theatre
    • Dates: Jan-Feb 2012
    • Written by: Kristopher Diaz
    • Directed by: Clive Cholerton

A look at geopolitics using wrestling as a medium for storytelling. The first reaction most people have is wrestling in live theatre? Diaz as written a thought provoking and a hard hitting look at how the United States behaves in world politics

Production Notes

This is one of the best and worst shows I've ever had the honor to work upon. With the Production values and effects rooted into the world of professional wrestling, it feels very easy to loose the story telling of the play and convert work into the spectacle of the event.

During production and design meetings, we found ourselves continually asking if this is what the moment should really be. Does it have to be this corny? In research and working in the rehearsals, we found the further we pushed the melodrama of wrestling into our world of theatre, there was a beauty in the story telling that happens in professional wrestling, and that story telling is very congruent with telling a story in the theatre world.

With this frame in mind, the more we made the garish or over the top choice, it added more and more depth to the story Diaz is telling, and inspires you to find even more material to bring to the story.

'Each wrestler has their own elaborate entrance, complete with lighting, sound, pyro, video, and other dramatic effects. As such, the design team had to create a complete look for each entrance.

This production relied heavily upon moving lights because of the narrative style of the story. the main Character, MACE, had thirty four focus points with around 400 cues written for his blocking in the show as he moved around on stage.

Sample Supporting documents

Sound of Music:

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Gods of Carnage:

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Duck hunter Shoots Angel:

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