• Produced by: Florida Atlantic University
  • Staged at: Studio I Theatre
  • Dates: Feburary 2010
  • Written by: Jose Rivera
  • Directed by: J. Baldet

A gripping story that follows Mirasol, a young professional woman, struggling to come to terms with her existence in a Brooklyn nearing apocalypse. Marisol is confronted by a woman claiming to be her guardian angel and learns that much of the poverty and desolation of her New York City is a product of an impending war in Heaven.

The angel tells Marisol that the current God's reign has lasted too long, and a group of angels are going to do their best to overthrow him. Eventually the war ends and Marisol is forced to come to terms with her own religion and existence.

Production Notes

The conceptual approach to this production used the idea of the impending end of the Mayan calendar in 2012 as the doomsday event triggering the war between the angels and God.

To integrate the idea of the Impending Mayan destruction, the design team incorporated custom printed templates containing images of the Mayan calendar that were projected onto the stage or scenery in the background of scenes to provide hints of the impending doom.

Since the two acts of the show are split into prior to the war of angels, the tone of the lights shifted dramatically from a look of toxic, green, hazy light to a post apocalyptic light that felt like a mixture of toxic waste and mercury-vapor street lights to provide extremely unnatural hues on the actors.

These light colors were pierced with heavily saturated cools when individuals (Such as Lenny's decent into the streets) to accentuate and punctuate the moment for the audience.

Sample Supporting documents

Sound of Music:

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document icon  Paperwork: soundofmuiscpaperwork.pdf >
document icon  Magic Sheets: soundofmusicmagic.pdf >

Gods of Carnage:

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document icon  Paperwork: godspaper.pdf >
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Duck hunter Shoots Angel:

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