The following pages provide representative examples of my work. My main interests in design include Lighting Design, Sound Design, Technical Direction and Production Management.

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Areas of special abilities/interest

• Linear and Non-Linear editing of Audio.

• Linear and Non-Linear editing of Video.

• Design, Setup, and operation of Video Projection equipment.

• Digital audio mixing consoles.

• Maintenance and repair of Moving light equipment including High End Systems, Martin, and Geni.

•Programming ETC Eos Family, ETC Expression/Express consoles, and, Strand Pallete.

• Multiple metal techniques including SMAW, OAW, MIG, TIG, and Plasma cutting.

• Network installation and repair (CAT 5).

• AutoCAD (2013), Vectorworks(2012) Both PC and MAC.

• MS Office, Lightwright, LPS, WYSIWYG, Q-Lab, SFX6, Visual Studio, C#.

• Sewing.


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