Dinner With Friends
    • Produced by: Palm Beach Dramaworks
    • Staged at: Dramaworks Studio Theatre
    • Dates: February 2011-May 2011
    • Written by: Donald Margulies
    • Directed by: J Barry Lewis

A candid bittersweet Pulitzer Prize winning play examines two married couples who have been close friends for years, and what happens when one marriage falls apart.

Production Notes

This production was an exceptionally fun challenge since Mr. Lewis allowed broad latitude to create the framing sounds for each scene. In discussion, we arrived at the use of new age cello and piano music to provide a simple, clean, and contemporary sound for the production. The challenge for this production was to create a dynamic soundscape that covered emotions such as frantic, frenetic, solemn, and amusement. Finding compositions that were written for cello and piano that were not classical pieces and embodied these emotions was an extensive editing process.

To achieve the final effect, extensive editing of the source material and sound effects were required. Below are some samples from the show.

Music file custom editing

The following sound clip is representative of custom editing of a cue. We were looking for a particular sound cue to end the show with that would signal to the audience that we were at the end of the show, but we were not getting a resolution to the end of the show. To create this particular effect, we pulled music from three different locations within the song and digitally edited them together to create the final continuous piece.

Custom Soundscapes

Because of the space limitations in the black box, the production was locked into a single stage with five moving benches to arrange for the scenes of the show. In order to help reinforce the locations we were going to for each scene, the production used expansive background sounds to cue the audience where we were for the first minutes of each scene.

In this clip, we are moving to a garden scene located in a suburban area in Act II, Scene 2.

Music framing

The following clip shows the typical contrast the production sought between scenes. This music was used for the transition between Act I, Scene 2 to Act I, Scene 3 where we are moving from an intense fight between a divorcing couple who are about to begin having sex to their friends who are discussing the divorce they just learned about.



Sample Supporting documents:


document icon Sound Plot: workingplot.pdf>

The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity:

document icon Sound clips: Chad Deity>

After The Revolution:

document icon Sound clips: After The Revolution>
document icon Cue sheets: afterrevolutioncuesheet.pdf>


document icon Sound clips: Stuff>

Dinner With Friends:

document icon Cue sheets: dinnerwithfriendscuesheet.pdf>
document icon Sound Plot: dinnerwithfrinedsplot.pdf>
document icon Sound clips: Dinner With Friends>

And the Tony Goes to...:

document icon  Sound Plot: srtssoundplot.pdf >

The Balcony:

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