Working (Revision II)
    • Produced by: Caldwell Theatre Company
    • Staged at: Count De Hornely Theatre
    • Dates: February 2012- April 2012
    • Written by: Stephen Schwartz and Nina Faso
    • Directed by: Clive Cholerton

Based on the original interviews of Studs Turkle the original script of Working has been updated and modified to reflect modern workers with new music from Stephen Schawarz, James Taylor, and others.

Production Notes

This production of working provided two distinct challenges as a Sound Designer, as well as all of the usual problems with a major musical.

The first issue to address is the orchestra. While a small pit (Drums, keyboard, bass) an Acoustic base guitar was used onstage wirelessly as well as in the pit during some songs. The Pit was located behind the doors in an enclosed space onstage, requiring creating an entire custom mix to bring the orchestra out to the audience.

The second issue was the director's desire to create a real connection and intimacy with the audience during the monologues. These monologues are usually very tight and personal, and needed to not sound "amplified and mixed down" when we were not in song. This led to pushing the limits of the mixer available to allow switching in and out effects on each individual actor as well as the mixdown of the group when signing.



Sample Supporting documents:


document icon Sound Plot: workingplot.pdf>

The El ob orate Entrance of Chad Deity:

document icon Sound clips: Chad Deity>

After The Revolution:

document icon Sound clips: After The Revolution>
document icon Cue sheets: afterrevolutioncuesheet.pdf>


document icon Sound clips: Stuff>

Dinner With Friends:

document icon Cue sheets: dinnerwithfriendscuesheet.pdf>
document icon Sound Plot: dinnerwithfrinedsplot.pdf>
document icon Sound clips: Dinner With Friends>

And the Tony Goes to...:

document icon  Sound Plot: srtssoundplot.pdf >

The Balcony:

document icon  Cue sheets: thebalconycuesheet.pdf >
document icon  Sound clips: The Balcony>