Summer Rep 2012 Love's Labor Lost/Showtunes
    • Produced by: Florida Atlantic University
    • Staged at: University Theatre/Studio I theatre
    • Dates: Summer 2012
    • Written by: Shakespeare/Herman
    • Directed by: J. Baldet/L. Waythe

The 2012 Summer Rep Theatre season consisted of two shows that were constructed simultaneously opening within one week of each other in two theatres. In the Studio Theatre is Love's Labour Lost, set in the 1940's Key West Conch Republic. The second show is a musical review of Jerry Herman's musical work.

Production Notes

For this season of Summer Rep, the decision was made to run the shows concurrently in two separate theaters, with openings one after the other in successive weeks.

This required the shop to coordinate and build two complete productions within four weeks and ready for opening. In addition to the regular build issues, Showtunes made extensive use of projections for show titles, and Love's Labor involved building four mini houses with extensive molding and detail that were all scaled to provide a great amount of detail for the background of the show.

In addition, Love's Labor required a terrain landscape involving foam shapes to create contoured surfaces for grassy areas, and applying an Astroturf grass to simulate a putting green on the stage.

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The Man Who Came To dinner:

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Summer and Smoke:
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Duck Hunter Shoots Angel:
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Noises Off:
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Bus Stop:
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