I teach a wide range of courses about theory and technical theatre in lower division, upper division, and graduate levels.

An example syllabus for a lower division course is my Intro to Production class. At Florida Atlantic University, Intro to Production is a gateway course for majors and non-majors into the technical theatre courses. This course is designed to provide foundational information in the proper use of equipment, terminology, and methodologies used in the major production disciplines (Scenery, Lighting, Costumes, Properties, and Sound.) The course also covers safety and sanitary use of chemicals and equipment for students.

An example syllabus for an upper division course is my Sound for the Stage class. This course focuses on developing an understanding of how to design sound for the stage, how to use equipment that is generally available in any theatre, using computers to capture and edit sound, and finally playback of the cues created.

An example of a graduate course is provided with my Structural Engineering for the Stage course. This course focuses on developing analytical skills to analyze wood and steel beam selection, design, and implementation for the stage.

Finally, an example of a DIS course is provided. This course is a Directed Independent Study for Stage Management on the Graduate Level. It is a course designed to provide a foundation for a student who is working on their MFA to become a professional Stage Manager.

Most of my courses integrate classroom technology, such as computers or PowerPoint to help students access lecture notes and improve retention of information. An example of this type of course lecture can be seen in the Drafting for the Stage class. Drafting for the Stage introduces the concepts of hand drafting to students and focuses primarily on developing drafting skills through the use of AutoCAD. I allow students to use either Mac or PC computers in the class.

One area that I am excited about right now is teaching a course fully online through Blackboard 9. FAU has offered a course and training in e-learning. I've completed and certified in the course, and have just offered my first fully online course in Intro to Production in the fall 2013 semester.



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Undergraduate Documents

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Graduate Documents

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